Thursday, June 04, 2009

The Last Day

Today is the last day of the school year. I will begin it with Muffins with Mom at Wilson's school, and then I will head to the OB GYN mid morning with my daughter. Not exactly how I planned to spend today and had you told me last fall, I wouldn't have been surprised.

I am going to write a post about online school soon. Salinda is going to fail everything this quarter. Anyone else had success with it this year? I think that my post is going to be titled: ONLY let your child do online high school if..... and then articulate what you have to be able to handle and do if you give them permission to try. My guess is that it is not very successful for most of our kids. Salinda was a B student when she went to regular school. At the quarter she was only passing 3 classes, with one A and 2 Cs. This quarter she failed them all. And while the pregnancy had something to do with it, remember that that has only been the last three weeks or so...

This afternoon Sadie is having a party with several of her friends here at our house. She has done a nice job of getting things cleaned up this morning, getting herself up early to do it.

Today I'm SUPPOSED to be spending my morning at Dunn Brother's with Kari as tradiiton dictates, but she's too busy for me today and I could only find about 90 minutes myself, so we're skipping our ritual. Hopefully we will both remember to not schedule anything for the first day of school in the fall. I mean really, it is tradition.


AdoptiveMomma said...

Well, do you think Salinda learned any life-lessons herself from attempting online school? If so, then maybe that education trumps the academic classes? If not... well, sorry, I tried to find the bright side!

My 19yo adopted daughter got engaged at Christmas, married in Jan (decent enough guy), apparently actually got pregnant around Christmas, too, and freaked out and ditched him by Feb or March. Now she's back hanging out with an abusive ex-bf. For a while she had lived with him and his baby-mama. Hasn't lived in our home for 3-1/2 years. Not how I wanted grandkids coming into the world, either - and I sure can't see any bright side here.

Monica said...

I thought about putting my 14yr old daughter in on-line classes for high school since she has such a problem socially. But she would probably fail classes just to get to me. Right now she is an A/B student but is failing Algebra 1 which she can retake her first year in high school. The only reason she is failing is she dislikes her teacher so won't turn in the work. Besides, I decided I definitely need the 8 hour break from her.

I also adopted a 17yr old girl with a 4yr old son (they came at 14 and 1yr). Watching and trying to help a teen parent can be pretty crazy and a lot of toes get stepped on. A bit uncomfortable at times. My girl is a senior this year and making plans to move out into what I know will not be a good situation for her son. Not that it won't be something of a relief for her to be out of the house. But I'll worry about my grandson.

You're doing God's work. Don't grow weary.