Sunday, June 14, 2009

Off to the City of Brotherly Love

We're heading out this morning and fortunately have adult coverage here all the time, which makes me able to relax. The saddest piece is that the only fear I have for the safety of my children and possessions is from our own kids who don't live here any more. I doubt that a stranger is going to happen upon our home, but there is a possibility that if John is released or Mike knows we are out of town they might be here to see what they could steal. And even though both of them would look hurt and saddened by the fact that I was worried about this, they have both done it -- Mike many more times than John, but they both have "borrowed" things from their siblings that don't get returned.

This is our anniversary so I will need to blog about that later today ... maybe from the airport or from the hotel when we arrive. But for now, bon voyage. (Is it appropriate for me to say that to you? I don't think so. Oh well).

Bon Voyage to me.

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Mom of 7 said...

Happy Anniversary!