Monday, June 15, 2009

Safe in Philly, Full and Content

Most of our day was fairly uneventful, though the rental car place was incredibly annoying. We came to the hotel and immediately looked to find this Italian place where we had some really really good pizza. Now Bart is off buying tums and I'm back in the hotel letting you know about our day.

The picture above was taken out our window. Bart thinks that's maybe why we got such a great deal on the room. it's an amazingly nice room though and I'm looking forward to relaxation. I started a novel on the plane that I'm eager to finish and we have a bit of leftover pizza. Bart has promised chocolate from the drug store.
May not sound like much to some, but I can't think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary. I just did a tribute to him on his birthday last week, and next week is Father's day, but I certainly did it well last year, the year before, and of course back in 2006, and even in 2005.

After all that, there isn't a whole lot left to say, except that each year is better than the one before.

And as we were eating tonight I asked Bart, 'If someone would have told you 13 years ago today that in 13 years we'd be taking some time away from our 12 children ages 10-22, what would you have said?" He said he didn't know.

i think I know what I would ahve done. I think I would have thought a bit and said, "Really? Cool!"

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FAScinated said...

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful couple! Have fun on your trip! (And don't worry about what's going on at home, I only saw a couple police cars in your neighborhood yesterday and I'm sure they were headed to someone else's house. Hee hee.) ~Kari