Monday, June 29, 2009

See the Poll?

I need a little guidance in regards to the book. As you know, we've been working on it for some time and now it's time to get serious. We had the photo taken for the cover last night and the book is ready for the final reading by Bart. Then I will have a few others read through it for typos and it will be off to the publisher. We are going to self-publish this first book and see how it sells.

I want to unveil the video that I made for it, but I want to offer folks the opportunity to pre-order a book when I do so. SInce we gave people that opportunity last fall and only three people (Yes, three. Three people in this entire world. Three. Anyway...) ordered it, we're considering not offering a hardcover but a paperback instead. However, if nobody is planning to buy that one either, maybe we should only order a few copies.

So, I've created a poll for you to help me get an idea of where we are at with this. If you could respond that would be great.

Let me tell you a bit about the book before you respond. It's called, "Out of Many, One Family: How 2 Adults Claimed 12 Children through Adoption. It's the story about how we acquired our 12 children in 12 years. It's about foster care and the adoption process, more than it is about raising the kids (that will be a sequel). It details our journey from our first foster care visit until the last two moved in and has a "what we learned" section.

Other than my blog readers, friends and family members, the target audience is folks who are in the adoption process and would like to learn how to survive the waiting and the red tape. It's really about what we learned as naive people starting the journey.

As soon as I have 50 responses I will post a link to the book promo movie clip that I've been working on since before Christmas....

So pollers, poll on. (Is pollers a word?)

So based on that description, can you respond to the poll?


Foster Ima said...

Claudia, could you add an option to your poll along the lines of "I just learned about the book and didn't know it was still an option"?

Claudia said...

I was JUST thinking that.

We're thinking alike. Does that scare you?

Foster Ima said...

If thinking alike means that I will start being as productive as you, then bring it on!

Linda B said...

I for one, am looking forward to reading your book! I really need to read your second book though, so could you get going on that please?! (I'm covering my ears now)

Susan said...

I would definitely read it. I would probably only buy it if it were paperback though.

Becky said...

I will be buying your book, and sharing about it with family and friends. However, they'll want to get their own, as I am a slow reader and tend to reread often. I hope your book is an inspiration to many.