Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I never blogged this morning. I intended to and it never happened. I've been running non stop from place to place.

Tomorrow Tony is heading to Bart's Mom's to work for/with her for the summer and Salinda is going to live with her boyfriend's family this summer. The former is a very good plan for everyone involved (except, possibly, Bart's Mom). ;-)

The latter is a good plan in many ways even though it may not seem like it to people who don't have the facts. And while I could blog them all, it probably isn't in my best interest to do so.

But we are getting them ready to go and the stress that the two of them cause me I am going to be happy to let go of for a while. I could use my time and energy for other things.

Somehow we forgot a major family event today. Good thing it was for a kid who couldn't care less.

And the editor says half our book should finally be on my desk by tomorrow, the rest next week. It would be great to have it done and ready for the NACAC conference in Ohio in August.

And finally, I just got done taking out my frustration on some law firm who has literally called every single day with an automated message asking for Mike. It was fun. They asked why I called. I said, "To find out why you have called me 743 times." They said they were trying to reach Mike. I said, "he hasn't lived here for a long time." They said, "Do you know where we might reach him?" I said, "you could try to county jail."

They hung up. They did say they wouldn't call again.


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