Sunday, July 05, 2009

He's not like everyone else

Dominyk has been pretty good in church lately, but it's because he's been able to fall asleep, which isn't very complimentary for the preacher's son, but less disturbing than his usual antics. But lately he's been snoring so loud that it's fairly disturbing and I've been hoping he'll stay awake

Well, this morning he did.... for the whole long hour. It was really warm in the sanctuary this morning, and he couldn't get comfortable. He had not been able to find his belt and he was convinced that his pants were going to fall down, which is not even a remote possibility. But he won't be reasoned with -- no belt equals pants falling down . He desperately wanted to sleep, but simply could not get comfortable.

So the games began. He obsessed about his pants. He obsessed about not being able to breathe. (To no avail, I suggest to him that people who can't breathe can't talk, but he never gets that). He obsessed about not being comfortable.

Then Bart made this mistake of mentioning that the disciples went somewhere "two by two" which led to the repetition of several verses of "the ants go marching two by two" except it was really just repeating the same verse (the second one) again and again. Sort of like that sentence -- repetitious redundancy.

The next move was to pretend to shoot out every stained glass window with a fake gun. Then he ripped apart every tithe envelope he could find.

The next time I looked over at him he had his socks AND shoes off and was playing with his bare, but fortunately clean, toes.

He wanted his back rubbed. He wanted his back scratched. He wanted to rest his sweaty head on my shoulder, which of course, I did allow.

During the last hymn, "Christ for the world we sing" there was great evidence that he not only marches to the beat of a different drum, but that he dances to the beat of a different song. He was singing something about getting that Boom, Boom Boom, and 3008 and two thousand late and dancing while the rest of us were singing an old hymn, that really didn't have a dance beat.

And, as Bart was saying the benediction, Dominyk was, not too loudly, but loudly enough, saying his own "Thank God it's finally over," he proclaimed.

And even though the whole thing was quite entertaining and fun to blog, I'm not sure those sitting around us trying to worship thought so.

Next week I think I'll let him snore.

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Lee said...

Oh gosh, I loved this post! What made it so funny for me is that my eldest son is autistic and positively rants about how the song your son was singing (Boom Boom Pow) makes no sense. While i agree it really doesn't, I would prefer not to hear this diatribe every time it hits the airwaves!