Monday, September 07, 2009

Because I Wanted To

I had $25 in JCPenney rewards cash today and I decided that I was going to spend it however I wanted to spend it. Up until yesterday I had not purchased a single item for the baby. But we were given an offer we couldn't refuse yesterday and I got a 0-5 carseat/stroller deal for well, let's just say, I practically stole it from some of our friends at church (THANKS, R&R). She wanted a book and offered to trade me the book for the stroller. Obviously they were being very generous but now that the spending ban was ended I figured it was time.

I bought the two cutest outfits. One is pink pinstriped so that should give you a clue as to the gender of the baby. But I knew all along she would be a girl, simply because it's not my preference. And yes, my daughter is that powerful. ;-)

So I waded through dozens of kitty cats and pink pin stripes and teddy bears and Little Princess outfits and came up with a couple of really cute choices. And it was fun.

These aren't the circumstances I would prefer for my first grandchildren to enter this world, but buying a couple outfits was fun for me! And I wanted to do it. So I did. And I liked it.

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Jill Miller said...

Welcome to the club girl! Soon you won't be able to go to a store without taking a second look at baby and little girl's clothes.
How fun for you. The circumstances may not be great but you deserve this grandchild, which will be the love of your life.
Oh, just a thought, could you see us taking our grand babies to the park someday? Lol
Who ever thought that at 40 something we would be grandmas. Just remember I'm just a little younger than you and I have three already.