Thursday, September 17, 2009

Meet Carl (and listen to me whine)

I've been trying to take a picture of Carl the beta fish that some of the boys got me for my birthday, but I couldn't get him to get out of the rocks until tonight.

So here he is. Meet Carl. He is supposed to keep me company during the day as the kids think I get lonely here when they are at school.

Tonight I planned to go to a football game at 5. But then I needed to wait for Dominyk's PCA to come at 5:30 and take Wilson to a Cub Scout activity at 5:45. So I decided that I was going to run home quick and eat, pick up Sadie from work, and then see the end of the game. But I took Jimmy to the game first and then went to get Sadie. But John wanted to ride along. So he came. ANd then Sadie texted to say she was staying an extra half hour -- except she waited 20 minutes to tell me, so then I didn't have time to scoot over to the game. So instead I sat and listened to all of John's opinions about my parenting and how we manage our money. By the time she finally came out and we got to the game, it was over. And then the football players whined that there were too many people in the van and were disappointed I didn't make it to the game. I got home and sat down to look at a video that Salinda had been wanting me to watch, but we got interrupted by Sadie telling me that Tony had made Ivan mad. I explained to her that they were too old for me to be doing all their relationship situations and that Tony and Ivan could work it out without her help or mine. THen I finally hit play on the video when the cub scouts called to tell me that they were done earlier. On the way out of the house reminded me that I had agreed to take her to the store tonight, so I did that as soon as I got back with Wilson. When we were leaving I saw Ivan and Tony peacefully talking, so I concluded things were fine. But when I returned I found Sadie was out talking to Ivan, obviously getting herself all wrapped up in the drama. So I ended up spending the whole night not watching the game but instead transporting crabby teenagers whose hobby is arguing.

Parenting a lot of teens at once is sometimes very fun. But I wrote the paragraph above all as once paragraph because that is how the night felt to me. one endless paragraph with no breaks and not much fulfillment.

But we're all home now, safe and sound. And I finally watched the birthing video with Salinda, we are waiting for Bart to return home from a meeting so I can go to bed..... and Dominyk is making very odd noises from the toilet. He's playing star wars clone wars but he keeps interjecting "Be KIND to me Baby Jesus." I totally don't know where he got that one


MamaKate said...

To comment on the first paragraph...

I once had a little girl here who thought I sat in my car in the school parking lot all day waiting for them. She was quite shocked to learn that I worked or went home or went shopping.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Phew. I'm tired just reading about your night!

Marcella said...

Sounds like my day! I missed dd basketball game picking up ds from practice, all with cranky teens, pre-teens, and 4yo in tow.