Wednesday, September 23, 2009

O,K, OK. I'm sorry I slept in until 6:15

I did three home visits after 2 p.m. last night, one of the 2.5 hours from here, so I didn't get home until almost 10. I was just exhausted and so I told Kari we could skip the Y this morning. Well, apparently some of the boys have learned a new trick. If you want a really long, really hot shower, just get up before everyone else and take one. SO by the time I got in the shower at 6:30 it was ice cold. I know, I know, the water at the Y is always hot. SIgh.

The past couple days I have been annoyed by the ways a couple of my teenagers are projecting their bad choices and the results of them all over me. Their lives stink. That is true. But it isn't because I was the one who made bad decisions. And yet they want to find a way to blame me for their unhappiness. I really must teach myself just to ignore it all, but there are days when it gets very trying.

I also have three adult children who will lie nearly all the time. Every time they are asked a direct question it seems. Then, on the rare occasion when they tell the truth they are extremely unhappy that I don't believe them. I have finally started saying, "If you want me to believe you some of the time, begin telling me the truth all the time."

A perfect example just occurred. ONe of my sons just came in here and when I complained about the hot water being gone, he said he had a cold shower too. OH yes, that's right. Everyone loves to stand under a cold shower for TWENTY FIVE MINUTES!

See why I need to go to the Y?

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