Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pleasant Surprise -- Speaking in the Ciites October 3

Eleven years ago last summer Bart and I were able to attend a series of weekend camps with Kyle and Mike, who were then 11 and 8. The program was actually a great one. Kids with attachment disorder were able to to go camp once a month for about six months I think (give me a break it was 11 years ago). Three of those months they went alone and the other three we went with them. The camp counselors were actually students in graduate level psychology.

During the weekends that we went, Bart and I got to hang out with other parents and have support group time during the day while someone else worried about the kids. The leader of the support group was Randy Ruth. If you google him, and I suggest you do, you'll come up with results like this article. Randy and his wife have been doing foster care for teenage boys, many of them sex offenders, for 40 years. They are amazing, amazing people.

I found out yesterday that Randy has read our book and thinks it has many similarities to the presentation he is giving at the state Foster Parent's Association Meeting and he has invited me to co-present with him. How cool is that?

As soon as I get permission I will post the flyer here, but it is going to be located at City Hill Fellowship (Church), 12901 Roberts Drive, Eden Prairie, MN 55346 (go to for directions). The session I will be copresenting with Randy is from 1:00 to 2:15 p.m.

Randy is the best and this is going to be great. Hope some of you can make it.

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Linda B said...

I know Randy and he is just awesome. A wealth of information and experience. Wish I could attend your session. I bet it will rock the house!!!