Tuesday, September 29, 2009

So by now you're all thinking I've died or something....

But instead it was just a really packed day. I got up and packed and got ready to leave. Drove several hours to Duluth. Had dinner with a wonderful person who is very generous and entertaining (and also female, in case the fidelity police were wondering). We had a delicious meal I had a chicken sandwich with chicken breast
, brie, asparagus, lemon basil aioli 
on cranberry pecan sourdough (surprisingly delicious) We visited a long time and now I'm back at the hotel finishing a game of online scrabble with my husband.

You know life does repeat itself. My parents have played scrabble for years. And now "Yondalla" and "Motherissues" got me started with an online version. Bart has never been interested in computer games but suddenly he is an addict and we have a game going on in the background almost all the time. I win a lot. But he wins more all the time.

So i've had a good day, am not feeling as sick as I thought I might tonight, and planning on heading to bed soon.

I didn't die. I'm fine. Busy, but fine.

And tomorrow I am training and then driving and will be away from the keyboard almost all day long.... sigh.

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