Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This is Why I LOVE my husband...

Some people think I love my husband because he is crazy good looking.

Other people think it is because he can cook and bake.

I often think it has something do with the fact that he does all the ironing and a lot of the laundry.

But what happened this morning is why I totally adore him. The fun we have is matched by nobody.

I love hyperbole and I have been having so much fun pretending that the book is all I think about, slipping it into every conversation just to drive him nuts.

Today I responded to an email he had forwarded to me about a Christmas Party with a German Theme from the District Superintendent. i answered the routine questions about childcare etc., and then asked Bart:

"Any chance we can fit selling our book into a German theme?"

His email confirmed the receipt of the other information and he concluded,

"Maybe we could slip a bratwurst between our fingers on the cover picture for the German piece."

That dead pan sophisticated hilarious sense of humor goes beyond monster cookies, laundry, and the fact that he's "crazy good looking." Although none of those things bother me...... ;-)


Angela :-) said...

Yes, I definitely think a compatible sense of humor is key to surviving not just marriage, but raising our special kiddos.

Angela :-)

Mama Drama Times Two said...

AWWWWW.....how sweet.

nancy said...

Yes..but how's Bart gonna' feel when you ask him to wear lederhosen? Will he be laughing then? And I can just see you in braids wrapped around your ears and a white arpon over your dress. I like the bratwurst idea better. Sorry I'm pepetuating stereotypes. Not meaning to offend any Germans. I lived three months in Vienna, Austria, so I love the German language, even if I took it during summer session at college with a bunch of goofoffs only interested in German drinking songs. I was in it to learn how to get around in a foreign country. Still remember how to ask "How much does this cost?" and "Where do you live?" But when I try to remember how to ask "Where is the restroom?", I slip into the little bit of Spanish I know.

nancy b on straight commission