Tuesday, September 08, 2009

This Moved Me So Much

Without saying anything I want you to watch it and tell me if it speaks to you and if so, what character you play in the story. Do you identify with this as much as I do.

It's called Cloud and Pixar did it. It's long but worth it.


debbiem said...

i think that is from their latest movie and the whole movie is very message sending. i think it is called up or something similar. it was good.

Other Mother said...

Wow. Just. Wow.

Thanks for sharing.

Tiruba said...

That makes me want to drive to my kids school and hug them. I am definitely the bird who puts on the helmet and pads and goes in for more :)

sarsmile said...

I saw this in the theater (before UP, as Debbie said - which is also indirectly about found family, btw) and absolutely loved it. It wasn't until you posted it here that it occurred to me what a perfect metaphor for older child adoption it is. Maybe that's part of why I liked it in the first place.