Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Very Quiet House

This morning even though countless people are sleeping in it our home is quiet. OK, not countless, but two friends are over. Of course, Salinda is gone so that is really only 12 kids, but sometimes it seems like they are multiplying. Last week I had to take two trips just to get kids and friends to youth group.

Training went well yesterday and I am sitting at my desk with a feeling that I love. Freedom to choose what I want to do. On Saturdays I let myself decide if I want to work and get caught up from the week before or if I want to get ahead for the coming week.... or if I want to just do something completely different. This morning I have no idea what I'll do, but I love the feeling of not knowing.

I know that I have a flyer I should design and a post card about the book and that I want to make a thorough list of everyone I have emailed to let them know about the book. That may be time consuming as I have been scatterbrained and harried in my approach and now I'm very confused. I'm not even sure my brother knows but over 50 people I've never met have ordered one. Weird.

Have I mentioned that my Oklahoma Wesleyan University Book SIgning is a Facebook event? If you live anywhere close to Bartlesville, come on up!

Guess it's time to get busy....

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