Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Christmas Present Ideas?

A week or so ago I met Jody, who had recently purchased my book. She is an adoptive parent and she showed me a little book that she had made of her kids using Digital Scrapbooking.


She told me she does it as a job and I offered to promote it for her.

Here is her website

She said to make sure you contact her if you have questions.

Let her know you heard about her from me.

Seriously folks, this would be a great Christmas gift.... very personable and the quality of the books is amazing.


Toni and Rod said...

I clicked on the link and it does not work.

Claudia said...

Try it again

adopted1 said...

What a great idea! I am a big fan of scrapbooking/adoption storying/lifebooking whatever term people want to give specific to preserving not just the story of my child's life before their life with me, but also giving them a sense of belonging and history. This site would be perfect for helping with that. I can't tell you how many adoptive parents who tell me "that's just not my thing" and so they don't find a permanent way to journal their child's story. My parents, after almost 40 years of me asking, have still not put my story (adopted from an orphanage) in a form that will last after they die. They carry my story with them to their graves. It doesn't have to be this site or even a scrapbook. A tape recording or something...it's so important to the adoptee! Blessings on you, Jennifer