Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day is Almost Dawning

Back from the YMCA -- 2nd day in a row we were there by 5:30.


Dominyk is in here as I type.

Here was the beginning of our conversation:

I'm cold Mom.

Then put on your clothes.

But I'm really, really, really, really cold mom.

Then really, really, really, really put your clothes on.

Thanks for permission to use pictures. The ebooklet is going to be much nicer because your kids faces are in it.


Making slow progress with all of my projects. Going to work at Dunn Brothers this morning, then have lunch with my friend Jill... no appointments today. I like days with no appointments.


still no confession from the thief, which most likely targets him for me so I can figure out who did it. Only one doesn't confess under pressure.


Wouldn't you like to live in my head? My thoughts are really like this blog entry. I flit from thing to thing.


I'm hoping to have some orientations in Minnesota for Adoption Awareness Month, within 2 hours of me. I am thinking that a feature story on an adoptive family would be good to get things rolling. Would your family be interested in being featured?


If you help a thirteen put on his belt is that teaching learned helplessness or just avoiding unnecessary and annoying meltdowns?


Do you think a recorded response to "my shoulder hurts" would be satisfactory?


Oh no, he can't get comfy and he's tired and itchy, so very itchy. Guess I should quit blogging so I can say, "I'm sorry you're itchy" about 47 times before we leave in 13 minutes.


Thorn said...

You may have written about this before and I just don't know, but do you have much sense of what OCD feels like to Dominyk? Is his itchiness some kind of sensory processing thing or is it the pain of not being able to fulfill a compulsion? And it sounds like he NEEDS a response from you, right?

I no longer have tendencies strong enough to get myself diagnosed with OCD, but if I had to explain it to someone I would say that (for me) it was like having an unbearable itchiness under the skin, deep as the bone, not just yearning but a desperation to GET THIS SATISFIED NOW. I think part of the way I got past it was by learning to take things that were moderately satisfying like taking apart a small piece of cloth thread by thread and learn to take joy in those to the point where I could sort of scale myself down from the bigger things. I still prefer my route to be sort of a circle, that if I go in one door I can go out another, but I don't get hung up in the same way of feeling like I can only go on with life if things happen a certain way.

But it's now little things like that, though my problems were only severe when my depression was at its worst and were probably not things that people who only knew me superficially would have noticed. It was an intensely internal thing for me. And so I'm not suggesting any of this is any sort of treatment for Dominyk. I guess I'm just asking because I know what he sounds like and wonder how he feels.

Tricia said...

I was going to let you know that you could use any pictures you wanted from my family. My blog is http://wilkinsworld-tricia.blogspot.com. I'd love to have our family featured in anything that helps get other kids homes, although I'm not sure our family is interesting enough anymore. We've had our boys in our home for 3 years now. They are almost 8, 7 and 4, and our bio girls are 11 and 7. This is my favorite month because I have three kids the same age!

Claudia said...


Thanks for that insight. I'm wondering what if anything would work for him? Tell me more about the cloth thing. Did you just focus on that to keep your mind off the other?

Claudia said...


Thanks, I will check them out....

Angela :-) said...


I would have to get Dennis' approval, but I think we'd be interested in being featured--we also just got selected for a sib group I think we'll be saying yes to.

Angela :-)

Claudia said...

Angela: I don't think we can come that far this year -- not enough lead time.

Thanks though.