Friday, October 30, 2009

Girl Stuff

Last night we went shopping, my friends Sue, Kari and I with Sue's daughter Sarah and our daughter Mercedes. The goals -- decorations, game necessities, and prizes for the baby shower and for Sadie's birthday/confirmation extravaganza.

I don't do Halloween, as a general principal, and I certainly do not do girl stuff -- fu fus and streamers and all that jazz. But there I was with my peeps, at the Party store during Halloween week looking at pink stuff. Lots and lots of pink stuff.

The evening started with Riley, a teenager or perhaps a college student, who simply did not appreciate my sense of humor at the balloon counter. It progressed to Randi, with an I, who probably makes a heart or flower for the dot, who took one look at me and made sure I knew that if I didn't use all of the napkins and plates and stuff that they were returnable if not opened. I told her straight up that I knew she didn't think that I had any friends and that nobody would come to my party. But I told her that if she was right and nobody showed up, then I wouldn't have to go to any parties anyone else threw all year.

When I was complaining about her my "friends", Sue immediately decided to stick up for Randi with an I and all Kari could do was suggest that she brought her camera so that she could take my picture for the people of Walmart website, which, as you can imagine, I found highly offensive.

The evening continued like that all the way up until the very end when I asked Sara, without an h, at Baker's Square if she thought that I could register my complaints about the Party Store on the website they provided on their receipt.

Friends that will go with with you to have girls night out when you're cooperative, fun, engaged, happy and into it are one thing -- but the ones who come along, smiling, when you're crabby, rude (but I suppose, downright hilarious in some ways) .... priceless.


FAScinated said...

I think we need to make this girly evening a weekly event.

~Your BFF Kari (with an i)

nancy said...

Priceless, indeed. Now THOSE are true friends. Wish they'd taken video. Hope Kari posts a photo or two.
nancy in you know what state

nancy said...

Those are indeed priceless friends. Wish someone had taken video. I'm sure you were in prime form. And I'm also sure Randi decorates her dotted "i", as you suggest. To your credit, I'm sure you held it together fairly well, considering how girly you probably aren't. I'm with you, sister.

nancy in the state that MN outranks in surely only one category