Monday, October 26, 2009

A night without kids is....

quite relaxing, actually. Bart wasn't feeling well he rested while I organized my 700 friends in facebook into groups. Then we had dinner out at a lovely restaurant and split our meal and drank water so it wasn't very expensive. We ended our night playing a game of scrabble online. Might sound boring, but sometimes we need boring.

We heard nothing from the kids, so we're assuming everything went well. I have a meeting from 10-5:30 and then will head home to find out how everyone did. Lately most of the kids are doing very well. Oh, no, shouldn't have typed that and now I can't delete it cuz the curse will still be active. WHERE'S SOME WOOD?????????

Busy getting things ready for Adoption Awareness Month and all of the acgtivities that come with it... I'm off to get things done.

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