Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Mornings

I like Saturday mornings when there is nothing scheduled for my day. I lie in bed and jumple through all the hundreds of possibilities of projects I could or should accomplish and then develop a plan. And then, after my shower, I sit down to my computer until the kids get up. It's my time to think, process, plan or, if I really want to catch up on blogs and surfing.

November is Adoption Awareness Month. If you would like to do something about it, there is still time to order free stuff from the Dave Thomas Foundation that you can use in your town, at your library, or whatever.

I have so many events coming up in November:

November 1st we have confirmation for Sadie and a shower for Salinda with family and a few close friends.

November 6th I'm speaking in Duluth at a Faith Based Adoption Conference

November 11th is a book signing in Luverne

November 17th is a book signing in Mankato

November 19th is an Adoption Orientation in Mankato

then there's that Thanksgiving Thing

and then on November 29th I am speaking at the Brookings Wesleyan Church.

Sometime between now and a week from Monday I need to have publicity done and mailed for most of that stuff.

However, during the coming week, while getting ready for the baby shower and confirmation party with Bart out of town from Monday to Saturday, I have an all day training meeting to attend in the Cities, three post-placement visits, both out of town, a meeting to set up an internship for a student, two meetings with families in the homestudy process.

Fortunately, I have a few friends and a neighbor who are willing to help fill in the gaps and Rand isn't working so he can do all the rides, but I bet I can win the busiest week contest. Or maybe not, I know a lot of you are really busy.

Good thing Sue, Susan, Kari and Jill are willing to help. I'm so blessed.

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