Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spending the Day in the Room I Avoid

Bart married me because he knew I'd stay out of his kitchen. No lie. He didn't want to marry anyone who would want to cook or mess with his spices or pans or anything. And I have been so obedient.

Until I planned tomorrow. Knowing myself well, two major events in one month would not go well. So I planned everything in one day. Confirmation and Golden Birthday Party for Sadie. Baby Shower for Salinda three hours later. But what I didn't realize is that my husband wasn't coming home until 8:30 p.m. the day before.

And so I just returned from the grocery store -- a place I hate almost as much as the kitchen -- and we are here in the kitchen together working as a family with me in charge -- well, me and everyone else who insists on telling everyone else what to do.

I feel pretty good at this point -- seems like we have things under control at the moment. Maybe after the events I'll tell you about the menu and what we had to eat.

Big thanks to Kari and Sue who are helping prepare food as well. Jill might be coming over later. I love my friends!

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