Friday, November 20, 2009

Careless and Selfish

I did something selfish. And in my haste and carelessness in planning, didn't realize exactly how selfish I was being.

Bart has an all day meeting today in St. Paul with hotel last night. Kyle's birthday is today and surprisingly he and his girlfriend were free for dinner. So I got this wild idea that I could come up with Bart last night, spend the night and then we could go out to dinner after his training at 5:30 and then head home. I would have a blissful morning in the hotel to get work done in silence.... ah yes, a really good plan

Except that I didn't think about Bart and how he usually likes to leave mid afternoon and have a quiet night alone in the hotel. And I had an orientation last night that might last til 8:30.... and all those details just seemed to pass me by.

And so we did it my way and I am here enjoying my luxurious morning in the Crowne Plaza alone while my husband, tired because we didn't get in until late last night, is doing an all day training. I'm fighting guilt, but he's been very understanding about it all.

Guess if I get a lot done today it will help me not to feel so guilty.....

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