Thursday, November 12, 2009

Doctor's Appointment

Could you hear me screaming from very far away? I am so frustrated. According to the scales I had gained 19 pounds in 3 weeks and I just]t don't know how that could be. I am disgusted with myself. She took some blood, is going to run some tests, prescribed an inhaler for my wheezing and said it should go away in a couple weeks. Said it might be thyroid related. And of course we both know I'm overbooked, overworked, pushing myself too hard, and probably menopausal on top of it all.

There was a couple in the waiting room that really should be in doctor's waiting rooms everywhere. Probably only 15 years older than Bart and I, he was missing a leg, in a wheelchair and weighed at least 450 pounds. His wife, using a cane to walk, could only take a few steps without breathing hard. She was probably pushing 400. I know for sure that they represent us in 15 years unless we make some major changes.

So I went, but going has not resulted in me feeling better. Hopefully it will result in me being angry enough with myself to channel this energy into something positive. I don't know why in the world I was going to lose 47 pounds if I was going to gain back 67. I SWORE to myself I wouldn't let this happen.

So I'm leaving in the morning to go to Philadelphia REALLY crabby with myself. And with an inhaler. Trying to fit myself into a plain seat at some kind of horrible weight wheezing my way through airports.

And LInda, you don't want to hear my keynote. You already heard it. I ain't got nothin new ;-)


r. said...

My brother's insurance plan paid for him to speak to a nutritionist. (He works for a local school district, though, so it's likely he has better insurance than a church would be able to offer. But I thought I'd mention that option just in case.)

carol said...

I joined curves this week. It isn't too painful. Well, actually I was sore yesterday but its doable exercise.

marythemom said...

Oh I so know how you feel! A few years ago I managed to drop from a size 16 to a size 6. I felt great and was so proud of myself. Then we adopted teens. The stress, the meds... you know the drill. Now I'm a size 20. *sigh*

Mary in TX