Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Ending of an Era

A quick flash from the past -- Dominyk and Sadie, Thanksgiving 2000, with their pilgrim outfits from preschool.


This is the last Thanksgiving that we will be only have one generation at our table. Hopefully tomorrow we will have all twelve kids home, one fiance, and a significant other. But next year, Gabby will be here (Gabriella Marie, Salinda's daughter to be born January 8th for those not keeping up. Smile.) I'm a feeling a little bit whimsical this morning as I've been sorting photos helping Christy (the woman who will become Mrs. Kyle Fletcher on July 24th for those not keeping up. Smile again) get things ready for a wedding slide show. I've been looking at pictures of the kids growing up and thinking about how fast we have arrived at this point -- the point where it will no longer be "just us."

Today we are heading up to Salinda's boyfriend's family's place for dinner. John has opted not to go with us. He talks the talk, telling us often how much we mean to him, but always when it's time for choices he puts family last. But I'm not going to argue with him and make him come. Our day will be better if only those who really want to be here join us.

I am thankful for so many things. As I was sitting through Thanksgiving service last night at church, Dominyk and Tony were both being themselves and though it was annoying and difficult, I realized it was the best we'd ever had. It was the first time Dominyk had ever not had a huge meltdown about changing his close. It was the first time he had not had something rude to say about other denominations like he did last year. In 2007, I blogged, reminding everyone of the things that happened in services in 2006 and 2005 and last night he was the best by far.

Today though, I am thankful for laughter. I'm thankful that our family, regardless of how messed up we are sometimes, can good naturedly poke fun at one another and laugh a lot. Here are a few snippets:

1. This morning Bart and I snuck out for breakfast while the kids were still asleep. My feet, quite cold lately from who knows what, weren't getting enough blood apparently and I broke out into a rousing chorus of "I can't get no... circulation .. though I try, and I try, and I try, I just can't get no.... circulation."

2. Last night Wilson saw my foot from the opposite side for the first time. I have a crooked toe, and so it looks like I only have four toes from the back. He asked, "Do you only have 4 toes, mom?" "No," I replied, "I have a crooked one, remember?" When I turned it around he shrieked in mock horror, covered his eyes, and said, "Nighmares! Nightmares!"

3. Ricardo announced last week that my body looks a lot like a penguin and Leon added that I walk like I think I"m a tough body builder who can take on the world.

4. John, Ricardo and Jimmy were discussing their potential indigenous bloodlines (but not with that vocabulary). John speculated that his ancestors were most likely Aztec since they are from Mexico. Ricardo and JImmy, both Guatemalan, were listening as I pointed out that they were probably Mayan. Jimmy responded, "nope, I"m Buddhist."

5. Last night Tony we were at the Catholic church and had both gone to the bathroom in the basement. Tony was walking out of the bathroom, focusing on counting the money he had stolen off my dresser and didn't see me walking out at the exact same time. I walked up to him, stuck out my hand, and said, "Busted." We've been laughing about the timing ever since.

And so, while we don't live in a perfect world, and our kids have many issues, we have a great time laughing. Our foibles and issues keep us entertained and keep us moving ahead.

As I said at the last presentation I gave, "If you can't go to bed at night finding at least one moment of joy that one of your kids gave you that day, you don't have enough kids."

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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