Monday, November 09, 2009

I think I found me

I think I'm back. I rested this afternoon and when I woke up I felt like myself again. Finally!

I'm still going to have the doctor check me out to appease ya'll, but I'm feeling like maybe I'm going to be OK.

Calm night tonight. Bart is at a MACMH board meeting (now that he's hit the big time) and the kids are all being really calm while I sit and catch up after a week of being non-existent. Nice calm feeling in the house. Bart did the morning by himself and said it was a completely calm morning.

Tomorrow is 2 hour late start so we are going to sleep in a bit. Then I get to have breakfast with a wonderful friend.

Things are most definitely looking up.

Now if I could just walk more than a few steps without getting winded..... THAT's why I still need to call the doctor.

2 comments: said...

I would never want you to think that I think I could run your house better than you :D Or that I profess to know your kids better than you. I just wanted to give you the thought that what if. What if you weren't here tomorrow. What if he had to do it himself. My kids set out, hit speedbumps, and even end up at home now and again (and again). I just wanted to give you the thought that him going out in the world and hitting speedbumps while you're still around to help him over them is better than him going out in the world due to necessity and not having a net. Life happens. Just wanted to clarify :) Blog on. I enjoy your trips and travels.

Heather said...

I do hope you get checked regarding your ongoing fatigue and windedness. I was having similar issues, along with a few other symptoms that weren't major in themselves, and didn't seem connected, but I just felt "off." First Dr. brushed it off. Second one did some tests and discovered Rheumatoid Arthritis. The new meds have made all the difference.

Bottom line - be persistent about getting checked if you think something isn't quite right. I know how easy it is to say you'll take care of it later when things are less busy. Like that ever happens in our lives!