Monday, November 09, 2009

Nope, Not at the Doctor

Had an early court hearing. I'm feeling a bit better today after sleeping a lot yesterday but I may listen for a change and go to the doctor. We'll see. Thanks for all your words of support and encouragement as well as your nagging.

I also wanted to let people know that if I thought for one second that our 21 year old son could survive on his own I would have no problem giving him fair warning. However, at this point he qualifies for no services, would not have anywhere to live (unless he begged one of our church folks to take him in -- he has no other friends) and cannot get a job. He would literally be on the streets. Considering he has siblings who have done much worse than being lazy and lying who lived with us well beyond 18, it doesn't seem humane to give him "notice." He appears to at least try half the time and he does all my driving, so he is probably doing more than a lot of kids in his situation do for their parents.

I just get exhausted trying to make sure he is doing something. He's so scattered. We have gone over and over what the priority list is for him..... shower, change the laundry, and then if hte kitchen is clean find something else to do. So today he times it so that he is actually outside raking the leaves when I get home from my trip, but I walk in and laundry isn't changed and the kitchen is even dirtier than before because he made a snack of 4 hot dogs and a full blender of smoothie, not even cleaning up the mess he made. Sigh.

So we'll just keep going.

And for those who are interested, precious little Wilson is in in-school suspension for pounding on a kid who had told a little girl in his 4th grade class that she wanted to go out with him. We were trying to figure out how many of our kids had never had in school suspension. We're thinking maybe 1, possibly two. Three at the most.

Sighing again.

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