Friday, November 06, 2009

Tech Issues and Lots of Paper

If you sent me an email between Tuesday night at 10 and last night about 8 at my .mac account then it was automatically forwarded to a law firm in Argentina. Don't ask me how or why, but that is a bit spooky and creepy and the twilight zone is playing in my head. Someone hacked into my account and set it up to forward my emails. The whole thing still makes me feel icky.

But now that is all resolved and I only have one more tech issue to face. But that doesn't affect very many people and thus it will go on a back burner as I currently have 1,000 postcards and 1000 flyers about the book signings on my desk that need to be distributed immediately. So if you are anywhere within a couple hours of either my current home town or the home town I used to live in (listed here if you don't know them) and you have a boring weekend planned, you could hang up posters or pass out postcards if you'd like. Just let me know and I'd be glad to have some help.

The kids and I will go on a "poster trip" or maybe two or three this weekend. A few of us head out in the van and we hit little rural minnesota towns to put up flyers in gas stations. This led to the placement of a sibling group of 7 once, so I know it's effective. We go to three or four towns and on the fourth town at one of the stations one person can get a snack. They aren't nearly as cute any more, being teenagers and all, so I may have to overuse Wilson, but it's a way to get them delivered.

My friend Jill is going to help me with postcards at some point. This morning I will work on mailing lists.

This speaking/writing business isn't all that glamorous. It would be nice if I had a huge staff of people. I could really keep them busy.

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DynamicDuo said...

When your on your rural road trips, ask at the post offices in the littler towns, that's where all the folks stop and is the place to pass on news. Our church will put up flyers etc.. especially if it involves positive solutions for children. My home town has alot of foster families and adoption is getting to be more accepted all the time. I can pick up some flyers etc... on Monday afternoon if you still need HWY 169 south covered.