Sunday, November 29, 2009

Ten Hours

That's how long I got to be on record for being grateful that MIke was out of jail. Apparently he was booked at 7:58 last night and I had blogged at 9:55 yesterday morning ... or something like that. But actually I had been grateful for several months -- he'd been out since March 5th with only one blip. The charges are theft, unknown level, unknown value -- other's property - or something like that. I'm just hoping he didn't steal from the people he was living with as he will then be homeless when he is released.

But while Mike was out getting himself arrested yet again, we were having a very nice day/night. Dominyk, Sadie, Jimmy and I drove three hours to Brookings where we are spending the weekend with some of the very best people I know. And I'm not just saying that because they read my blog. ;-) I met them when I moved to Brookings 24 years ago and they have been part of my/our lives ever since. They are adoptive parents of a grown daughter from Korea and birth parents of a brilliant son and now grandparents. They are dedicated active members of their church and are servants on steroids. I have never met anyone else before or since who sincerely love to serve others as much as thy do.

The kids who are with me have been exceptionally good. Dominyk found a big box of legos that kept him very busy. He suggested on his own that he head to bed about 10. Jimmy had sports to watch and Sadie had her phone ... so she was happy talking and texting.

I had a chance to relax, visit with friends, and work on my presentation for tonight. I played an online game of scrabble with Bart while i multitasked and it was all quite good.

Today we are going to church, having a potluck, and then Bart, Wilson and Tony are joining us for the presentation tonight at church. We'll all spend the night -- Bart in a hotel and us here, and thy will go back in the morning. I have to speak tomorrow night at an orientation and a couple of the kids will stay with me until then.

And after that, break time. Weeks of just my kids and my jobs.... and making a plan for my life.


Miz Kizzle said...

I'm sorry he's back in jail. Have you been able to talk to him?

tbirdonawire said...

I feel for you. Especially since my oldest, who is 20, is headed down the same path. Unfortunately the police haven't figured out yet that the best thing to do right now is stop letting him off on his own recognizance and put him in jail. He has a trial pending and was just in the paper again only 4 months later which will earn him a summons. He burglarized us twice and has been heard bragging about it but the information I keep giving to the police seems to go largely ignored. I even led them to the fact that he sent my jewelry to one of those cash4gold places. The police just don't seem to care. The police officer hasn't even interviewed him yet and I even told him where to find him once we found out. This has been since August (in fact he did this to us on my birthday, unbeknownst to him, I'm sure!)

This most recent thing in the paper could have been our house again. I answered the phone twice that morning to an unknown caller which is his mode of operation to see if we are home so he can come steal something else while we are gone.

This morning he didn't even bother to call because he knows we go to church every Sunday and he knows what time. 10 minutes after we were out the door he tripped our security alarm that he was unaware that we had installed after he burglarized us the first two times. We're pretty sure he didn't get anything but until he gets put in jail he's going to think he's being let off and is invincible and is going to continue to do it. When he can't get in to our house, someone else will suffer like earlier this week.

It's sad to say this, but I hope they put him in jail soon. Otherwise it will only escalate until he becomes dangerous.

All we can do right now is wait and pray. There's a reason for all of this (including things going on with middle boy and youngest girl), it's apparently just not His time to let us know yet.


FAScinated said...

Mike's name was mentioned on the local news last night. My Mike wasn't paying much attention to the TV until he heard his name in connection with an arrest. I just wish they'd say for clarity, "The skinny red haired Mike F got arrested today, not the overweight deer hunter who recently shaved off his beard." But life wouldn't be nearly as interesting that way. ~Kari