Tuesday, December 01, 2009


I'm annoyed at the moment. I'm annoyed that a year ago I weighed 50 pounds less than I do.

I'm annoyed that Mike is in jail, calling Bart, attempting to make us feel guilty once again that he is in jail.

I'm annoyed that I have to confront John this afternoon about the direction he is heading and the things MIke told us John has been doing. According to MIke he has been violating his probation and if that is the case will soon be in jail as well. He wants to live here with all of the privileges and none of the responsibilities. I wrote him a letter that I was tempted to post here, telling him the way things are. I'm too annoyed to face criticism that might come from something I didn't say right.

I'm annoyed that I haven't done much today even though I said I wasn't going to be annoyed by that.

I"m annoyed that Rand, when he does do something, does it at such a frightfully slow pace and with so much opposition that it wears me out to get him to do anything.

I'm annoyed that even taking the medication I am I still get tired in the afternoon.

and I'm annoyed that writing this blog post has only made me less productive.


Jeri said...

Actually, maybe you can cross that last one out....venting is productive, it helps us to organize our thoughts and get a little of the soul-sucking stress out. You have every right to be annoyed. In fact, I'd venture to say you might even feel a bit ticked off and rightfully so! I've got one, count him, one, radling and he has managed to suck the joy right out of living. Hang in there and look at this blog as your online therapy group...

Linda B said...

Give yourself a break Claudia. You do more than 3-4 people combined almost daily. I'm guessing your medication isn't going to work immediately, so try to have patience with yourself on that one. All the other ones concerning your kids, well....you have every right to be more than annoyed. I know it's not like you to take a deep breath and sit back and just stop for the day. But if you can somehow do something that helps you to slow down and be OK with that, please try it. You've got to give yourself a break now and then.