Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally Some Psychic Space (or as much as you can get when accompanied by a mouth that doesn't stop moving)

i am at Dunn Brothers finally having opportunity to blog. I am giving the other kids a break from Dominyk, who has been a little off this week. He had a meltdown today and has been agitated. For some reason he can play for hours here as long as he has a drink with free refills. Bart took Tony with him to run errands and while the other boys, I am sure, wish they had more time with us, they do appreciate a house free of constant conflict, stress, tantrums, meltdowns, etc.

So I can finally blog. The internet may be almost fixed at the house, but I'm thinking I need to upgrade my base station, which will mean a new device and some more work, but should result in a better experience for everyone. As the "tech guy" at our house, it is always my responsibility to make sure we have the best we can have in that department, and these past few months I have been falling behind in that department. I'm not working much this week and hoping to get some of that taken care of.

I have a list of things that I"m going to blog about some day.... and when you email me and ask me to cover something, I put it on my list. Hopefully I"ll get to it soon.

I also have pictures to post but they are at home.

In case you missed it, Kari blogged about our fun night last night. It's pretty fun watching pastor Bart sing "Like a Virgin."

I'm going to actually look at my inbox. Even over the holidays I'm up to 155.

Salinda is supposed to be heading back to the doctor in the morning, so who knows what the week will bring. As Bart says, everything seems kind of surreal as we wait for Gabby to be born. It's like having life on hold..... nothing seems quite right. But she is going to come out at some point -- just not exactly when her mom wants her to. She's a stubborn thing.

Like mother, like daughter.

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