Thursday, December 03, 2009

Some Funnies from our Week

I forgot to mention this from Thanksgiving Day and it's pretty hilarious.

Before the meal we were all seated/standing in a circle getting ready to hold hands and pray. Bart told me that I could say grace. I started out by saying how thankful I was that we were all in the same room. Told them how when my brothers and I were all adults that my mom said she never felt better than when all her children were together. I told them I now understood how she felt.

We then held hands and I offered my prayer to God that we were all together for thanksgiving.

I said Amen, and someone said,

"Where's Dominyk"?

(apparently he had gone to the bathroom).


At the Thanksgiving service, Dominyk was quite confused that the scripture he heard read mentioned something about the disciples putting the leftovers from the feeding of the five thousand into liquor baskets. (What translation speciifies they were wicker? I sure didn't remember that)


This morning I lost my shoe. I know it was right by the other one, but whatever, I could find it. Jimmy was helping and said, "Oh Mom, please help God find the shoe."

I asked him what in the world he was talking about. He said he was praying. I said, "then don't you mean Dear God, help MOM find the shoe?"


Other Mother said...

One time when my family was gathered (parents, siblings and their families) we were finished with Thanksgiving dinner and beginning to clean up when my nephew came up from the basement. He'd been playing with Legos, and was bewildered as to why we hadn't called him for dinner. No one had realized he wasn't there!

Glad you had everyone together for your day!

nancy said...

Ours don't come and go so much as yours (mostly go and don't come back as often as we'd wish), but I understand the counting thing. It's somehow easier with just the four Yayhoos, but when Miss M was home last year...or hardly ever home for school activities...I had a hard time counting. Then sometimes our son-in-law takes the place of our OH resident, so we're back to ten "kids". Yikes. If you're hungry, come to the table so we can count ya'!

In reference to mis-quotes at church: #3 daughter was about 3yrs old when we discovered she was singing, "My God is a possum dog", rather than "an awesome God". No wonder kids get their theology a bit confused.

Nancy one state below

Marge said...

There you go. Jimmy thinks very highly of you. He thinks you are so good that God comes to you for help!

Funny stories today.

DynamicDuo said...

When I was around 12 our crew was trying to leave for midnight mass christmas eve... several vehicles were needed and everyone was just piling in where there was room, I got sent back into the house to get something for my sister and when I came out all the vehicles were gone. At first I was devastated, then being a farm kid, got the old pickup going and drove myself to town. Our family in those days took up several pews, I sat in back and waited. Sure enough about half-way through I saw Mom doing the head count and then saw the panic, she and my oldest brother started looking around and then they saw me, I nodded my head and waved, but was still hurt so I stayed in back to the end and drove home alone. It still gets brought up every year, now we can all laugh about it.