Saturday, December 05, 2009

It's Christmas Time at the Fletchers

I started this blog this morning

WHen I was in a pretty good mode.

But you wouldn't know it. In fact, the only thing that knows it is my computer as I am diligently working today to get our Christmas letter done, and will then begin to work on the Christmas Calendars that I do every year for gifts. Salinda usually heads up our Christmas decorating for the house, inside and out, but they aren't planning to come down this weekend so I'll put that whole project on hold.

and then things got worse and worse and worse.

First Tony and I got into an argument that resulted in me losing my temper. In the middle of it all the vacuum got broken and I felt really bad cuz Bart bought it not that long ago and it was a nice one. It's not irreparable, but it is still annoying.

I then had a pity party that I am the target of everyone's anger all the time but it got me nowhere.

I've had technical difficulties most of the day with a printer, which was preceded by scanner trouble yesterday.

And now I just returned from being cussed out because John shouldn't have to fold the laundry cuz it isn't his job to do that. He should come to a completely empty washer and dryer for his clothes that he wants clean. Even though he has no job and has nothing to do today, someone else should serve him.

I'm tired of being dumped on. I'm emotional, probably hormonal, and crabbier than heck. Kari and MIke are coming for supper. So are Tim and Sue. They better cheer me up or else.

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