Tuesday, December 01, 2009

One Moved in with a Friend, and then there were Eight

Apparently John has moved in with a friend's mom. There they have time to help him find a job. There he has it better than here. There things are good.

Except that he wants to come here to borrow money, because even if he doesn't talk to us and even if he doesn't let us know where he is, we're his parents and parents loan their kids money.


Bart saw Mike in jail as well, who believes we should post $1500 in bail. But we aren't going to. So I'm sure now it is somehow our fault that he is in jail. Because if we posted bail he wouldn't be. You know.

So now we have eight kids living at home.

It would be a little easier to not be frustrated with John if he hadn't left with so many of the nice things that belong to his brothers....


k....mom said...

Yeah, but you're a good mom and you know that if their problems are more important to you than them they never develop problem solving skills and that would make you a bad mommy. Good moms deserve pats on the back for making the tough decisions. That seldom happens though, does it? :)

Vote Van Denburgh said...

It's so frustrating these kid's inability to transition successfully into adulthood. We have given them so many tools to make better choices, but.... RAD and FASD are the lethal combinations in our household. My older adoptees without this combination are transitioning more successfully. I don't "enjoy" your blog, but it helps to know we are not the only ones.


Claudia said...

yes, FASD and RAD are a lethal combination. I think they are the most difficult children to parent.