Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Read this and weep (and don't you even make fun of us)

OK, Cindy and all y'all who live where it's warm. Currently -4, feels like -21. Brrrr. it's really hard to crawl out of bed when it's that cold. ANd the fact that it gets cold in the house is a constant reminder that we need new windows and can't afford them and that leads to all kinds of negative and depressing thoughts about our recent appraisal that shows we now, because of the market, owe more than the house is worth so we can't refinance, and then I just go down that negative road. SO if it was only warmer I could think about other things. On to an update about the last 20 hours.

As soon as finished the blog post yesterday (and forgetting to hit send) I went over to the classified ads in the paper, called a number and go interviews set up for JImmy, Rand, and John at some unknown company. I figured the experience would be helpful. APparently the job is selling cleaning supplies from a Kiosk in the mall or something. John is the only one who could really pull off that kind of job and their part time program doesn't start until January 1. Rand's supposed to call them back, but it sounds a bit fishy. Still, it gave them all hope and some practice interviewing.

Last night Sadie decided to flip out in a major way. She and I had agreed that she and three friends could have a "hotel" birthday party. Apparently she had invited at least 12 girls and decided on her own that she would pay for the extra room. When I tried to explain that it wasn't about the money, but about supervision she told me Salinda had agreed to help chaperone. Her plan was ot wait until Gabby was born and then Salinda coudl bring the newborn to spend the night in a hotel room with 12 8th grade girls. I told her that wasn't a good plan. She said she's going to do it anyway, with or without me, and that Henry would rent the room (he is over 18) and be one of the chaperones. I told her I didn't think most of the girls parents would like that plan much. I explained to her how Salinda probably didn't realize how bad of an idea the newborn/giggling girl combo was but that soon she would.

So I got to hear the whole you can't control my life, you're not my real mom, I'm not really a part of this family speech and she proceeded to declare she was running away. Typically I would just let her go, but with windchills expected between 30 and -35 I decided I better physically stand in her way, which was annoying to me as I was not interested in spending my evening standing at her room door. When she headed for the window, I simply grabbed her in bear hug on her bed and sat on her. I tried not to be too amused when she looked up at me and told me she was leaving. he south, I wanted to lsay "Child, which part of my 300 pounds you gonna move first" but I just looked at her. Bart finally came down to give me a break and he talked to her and then I left the room. Eventually she calmed down and I guess she decided to stay cuz I saw her later watching TV.

By that point I was overly exhausted, but John had decided it was finally time to have a decent conversation so we talked and he was charming and cooperative. I explained to him that I was no longer going to worry about his school attendance. It was his responsibilty to get himself up and to be in the car or else he was on his own. He agreed that was fair and has declared his decision to not hang out with his friends so much because it keeps him from doign what he's supposed to do. If he makes it to school today that might last until 2:45 when a friend says "Hey John, wanna hang out?" But hey kiddo, prove me wrong. I'd like that.

Salinda has a doctor's appointment at 2:50 tomorrow. WE're hoping that he will give her some answers so we can make plans that are more definitive. She really wants to have that baby. I'd like her to have it before Christmas myself.

End of brain dump.

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Lisa said...

augh - doesn't the whole running away thing get old for you?? Before I had a child who said that or tried that I remember thinking how devastated and scared I would be if one of my kids ever did that. Well, in the last 10 mos, all 3 of a sib group of 3 (14, 15, 16) have taken turns. Yes, I was scared the first time it happened - maybe even the 2nd or 3rd to an extent - but I'm starting to really get desensitized to it. Sometimes I tell them to go ahead (especially when they're being VERY abusive), but when the temps are low (we're in MI) or when I just have other things going on I'll stop them and force them to stay home. It is exhausting. A friend recently reminded me though (when I was complaining about all the drama) that their bio-parents lives were all full of drama, it was an adrenalin rush for them to do the things they did and live the way they did - so why would I not expect it from these teens? True I suppose, but I can always dream of a drama-less time of my life - in a far, far away future.