Tuesday, December 29, 2009

She entered the world quietly -- but others weren't

Gabby has slept most of today. She has had her mom, dad, both grandmas, grandpa, step grandpa, two aunts, two uncles, her great aunt, her second cousin, her third cousins (2 of them) and two of her dad's friends all trying to take pictures of her within a few hours. As many as 8 cell phones were be pointing at her at the same time.

I tried to stay in the background and wait my turn.

Bart and John have headed home. Henry (Salinda's bf) and I will spend the night in the room with them and Sadie will stay at Henry's folks house for the night. Kyle and Christy will be stopping by tomorrow and depending on how she is doing, I will either go home with them or stay another night or two.

Apparently Salinda is in for a couple more hard days. Her kidney problems continue. This is the reason for the c-section so quickly. Her kidney affection returned and the antibiotics that were safe for the baby were not helping. Her temperature was rising and the only antibiotic that might help is one that would harm the baby. So he went ahead and delivered her.

Salinda should be in the hospital for a few days yet. We'll see how it goes....


Susan said...

I will continue to pray. She is absolutely beautiful! Congratulations.

Miz Kizzle said...

I'm glad the baby's okay. The pictures are wonderful.
It seems to me that with Salinda's kidney problems she should have had a C-section days ago.
I have one kidney and all three of my kids were planned C-sections. I suspect the fact that both my husband and I are attorneys and our insurance policies are the best available persuaded my doctors to be especially careful and solicitous of my well-being. I never experienced a single labor pain with any of my children and I was given a private room and treated with deference for every birth.
I really hate the way there are different levels of care for the rich and the poor. Salinda shouldn't have suffered the way she did.