Sunday, December 06, 2009

Spinning My Wheels

This has been a very irritating weekend. Not only have the kids been pushing my buttons, but technology has driven me nuts.

I had three plans for the weekend. I wanted to scan some pictures, finish our Christmas letter, and work on the Christmas calendar. All of Friday afternoon was spent messing with a scanner that didn't even begin to start working until yesterday morning. Then I spent the last 24 hours, off and on, buying a new cartridge for my printer and trying to calibrate it, but after all that i looks like it did yesterday morning where everyone's face has a greenish tint. It's very annoying.

John never did get up this morning, refusing to attend church. I'm just waiting for him to come around. He pretended he was asleep when he was invited to eat lunch with us and later when it was time to go to a movie. Now he's slinking around the house getting ready to go somewhere -- who knows if he is planning to go to youth group or ask to be taken to a friends, something I'm not inclined to do if he isn't inclined to come to church. Of course, he isn't speaking to me so it will be hard for him to ask.

Usually I lecture and express frustration, but this time I'm going to wait him out. I don't know that either way will make much of a difference.

For some reason I am feeling a lot less able to handle the constant badgering and disrespect of a couple of my children and I can't seem to see beyond that. It's taxing. That combined with my techno difficulties is no fun at all.

I hope that by tomorrow I will be done with my funk and ready to get back into life again. If the gods of technology would smile on me, that would improve things quite a bit. Because I'm sure that my children ain't changing.

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Jennie said...

Me thinks you could use a hug. ((((((((((((((HUGS))))))))))))))

12 kids is enough to tax any mom. Throw in 12 challenged kids and well... you need a hug!!!


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