Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yesterday morning -- False Hope. What does Today Bring?

Random Thoughts:

Even though yesterday started well the van didn't. The battery died and we had to call AAA for about the 12th time this year. Since we had already used up our free tows (I think you get 4 or 6 or something) he offered to just sell us a battery and stick it in for us. Otherwise we would have had to tow it to get a new battery put in.

Today isn't starting as well but the van is.

Bart says that everyone who wants our book has already bought one? Could that possibly be true?

Jimmy "ran away" last night. He's 18. We didn't look for him. It was cold. He came home.

Sadie's attitude has done a 180 and all the sudden she has a great deal of motivation for school work. Amazing how taking away a cell phone can make a difference.

Rand isn't sure the Kirby thing is going to work out so well. He got a call back from KFC. WE're encouraging him to call them.

Yesterday I took the day off because I have a lot of paid leave I need to use. But I still had a visit I needed to do and several people from work had questions and IMd me, so yeah.

I wish I had a staff of people working for me. I could have a meeting and put them all to work. But I couldn't pay them. So that kind of limits my applicants.

Today I want to go to Dunn Brothers but I have to do bookkeeping and all the stuff is here. Unless I go first thing in the morning, other people get my booth. And it's by the outlet. And I like it. ANd they don't reserve it for me and I'm not sure why not since I come there a lot, but they don't. I think I will go. A lot of the bookeeping stuff is on my hard drive or on the internet. I can do it from there. Yeah. It's the Madison Avenue one in case any of you are stalkers and want a sighting. Where did THAT come from?

John is in a stay home and try hard to do the right thing mood. We like this mood. It seems to have lasted since Sunday. That is a good thing.

Tomorrow we might Christmas shop. WE did a lot online this week, but we are far from done. Bart has a meeting there so we could shop in the am and then I could coffee shop in the pm.

Time to pack up the computer since I have now convinced myself that I do want to work at the coffee shop instead of here. After, of course, i spend 45 minutes driving to three schools to drop them all off and say, "Goodbye, I love you, have a great day, make good choices, don't miss me too much. ANd if you're in high school, every day counts."


Jill Miller said...

Next time you have minor car issues call us. Brian has lots of connection and can sometimes get great deals and yes, Brian has a talent of working on cars. Putting in a battery would have been a breeze.

GZimmy said...

I dunno, Claudia. With your reminder that they would make great stocking-stuffers, I think you may see a bit of a resurgence in people buying the book.

Oh, and Dunn Bros closed their North Mankato place. Mad Ave is all we got now.

Annie said...

I don't think what Bart says can be true since I never heard about it until now.

Tell me it would inspire my husband to want more than four!!!


Did I see you on Beyond Consequences? I feel your photo is familiar, though I just wandered over from Special K.

marythemom said...

I've been reading your great blog for quite awhile and have to tell you that I really want to buy your book, but I'm broke. I think Bart is wrong, and maybe the sales will pick up when the economy does. I'd say wait a couple of months and then make another big push.

Mary in TX