Sunday, January 03, 2010

Am I Really Supposed to Think for Everyone?

The six people who went with me today were for the most part appropriate. Jimmy, Tony, Rand, Ricky, Wilson and Sadie piled in the van after church and we headed to where Salinda is living with her boyfriend's parents. We stopped at a KFC/Taco Bell combo store for lunch and I let the kids order, paying not much attention. I noticed teh bill was a bit high, but I hadn't given the kids any limits, so sometimes that means that they get a bit wild. However, it wasn't until we were on the road eating in the van that Wilson had ordered $17.46 worth of Chicken strips in a meal. Five of his siblings, raging in age from 14-21 heard him order, the woman behind the register took the order, and not one person thought that was a bit weird. Sigh. No that it won't get eatin, but really, doesn't anyone else engage their brain when I'm not paying attention?

We had a nice visit with Salinda. Her boyfriend's family is really a lot of fun and of course, characteristic of Hispanic culture, we had to remain until we had some food. And even though we had eaten a few hours before, it was really tasty. We stayed longer than planned but everyone seemed happy with the visit. I got a lot of good time with my granddaughter and some good pictures, which of course, is the most important thing. ;-)

When I got home I decided to have the boys make a fire in the living room and move the extra table in so I could do Christmas cards. The boys, usually fairly calm in the evenings when they watch TV, were bouncing off the walls because I was up there. Don't want to mess up the routine I guess.

Tomorrow there will be routine. And at least there will be some paras and teachers thinking for my kids -- instead of me thinking for all of them!

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