Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Early Out, Late Start .... School Anywhere? Anyone?

Yes, out by 12:30 yesterday, not going in until 10:00 this morning -- not exactly convenient when Da Boss was coming. But she rolled with the punches, we got what needed to be done, and she survived supper at our house. Dominyk was with a PCA and Ricardo and John weren't home, and as long as we were all willing to allow Tony to be the center of attention for the evening, things went quite swimmingly for us. We had a nice time.

Even though it is a late start, Tony and Jimmy are both up to argue with each other and me, so kind of them, eh?

I was supposed to meet with da boss this morning at 8:15 but she will once again have to be flexible -- which she always is. We'll meet after the kids go to school...

John has been gone for most of the last week. Mike is getting out of jail again once facing homelessness. It's a bit difficult to justify not letting Mike come home when John is here following few rules. I've been reading blogs of several who have this phenomenon to deal with -- kids in and out, failing and succeeding, back and forth. But in the middle of winter, when we have the space, it's difficult to make a child homeless, especially when they had months of success. So we are again debating what is best for everyone.... John swears he will move out if we let Mike move back in .... but the truth is, Mike was functioning better than John without our help for several months before he went back into jail....

I can imagine there are several of you who will say "DON"T DO IT." But to his credit, he has never been violent and he hasn't been verbally abusive for years. His FASD is prevalent and he is very scattered, but I am certain many of you have more difficult children living in your homes.

it's just so hard to invite someone back in knowing how hard it will be to kick them out if that becomes necessary. But he has finished his GED, has a very level headed girlfriend... and just maybe this one last chance is what he needs. Even though John isn't doing perfectly he is doing a whole lot better than he would have been if we made him homeless......

Decisions. Decisions. We hate them. And there is no easy answer.


nancy said...

Yikes! Difficult decisions, my friend. Easy from where the rest of us sit to think, as you said, "Don't do it!" But from a mother's standpoint, as long as you feel the other kids are safe (maybe not their stuff), I can see how tough a decision it would be. Hope, and a mother's love, springs eternal...most days! Especially considering the weather in our states.

Another snow day here, as hubby scoops snow off the roofs of hog houses, once again. Two more days added to our school year. I heard a strange noise yesterday. It sounded like a human scream, muffled by a couch pillow. Anyone you know having trouble with snow days up there?


a said...

don't do it :)

maybe find a decent homeless shelter???