Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Grand Central Station

I am exhausted tonight. I woke up this morning at four and I could not really go back to sleep, and thus I started my day tired. And frankly I'm tired of being Grand Central Station.

Conflicts, problems, both by text and phone, come to my Iphone. The conflicts are deep ones, multifaceted, and often the texts and calls are argumentative. After a while I feel like I am at the vortex of many conflicts that are not of my making. The older the kids get, the more complex their network of peeps -- who do not always tell the truth either.

WE had this crazy notion about parenting kids to 18 and then the drama stopping. What idiots we were. It is then that it begins. ANd my kids aren't the most complex of the drama -- it's the people that surround them.

ANd I'm tired of being in the middle of all of that.

Maybe tomrorow it will be a little less grand-central-stationish inside my phone than the last couple days. Here's hoping.

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Kat said...

Grand Central Station - I like. I love having moderately well-behaved teens around, love feeding them, visiting with them...

Grand Central Drama - NOT!! I don't do drama. We had drama from age 15 on from one kid, but two others really didn't do drama until later- 19 or 20 in one case, 18 in the other... and it has been non-stop since then, for a couple of years now.

I don't get much drama related directly from them because they know what I'll tell 'em - straighten up & fly right, don't give me any gossip or drama. They still pile it on my husband, though.