Tuesday, January 05, 2010

It's A Good Thing I got Up at 5

and had two hours of nice quiet time before I went upstairs to find that John indeed sneak back in in the night and is now refusing to get up for school.

What do other people do who have kids who refuse to go to school, don't have jobs, and want to lie around all the time? Kicking someone out when it is .... let me check. .. -17 regular temperature seems a little more cruel than simple love and logic..... and threats and warnings are doing no good. He is failing most of his classes so he doesn't want to bother to go. We found out a while back, too, that if an adult child is living with you you have to go through the eviction process in order to make them leave.


And I just fixed my AOL account -- and I now have 852 emails to go through. Good thing most of them are junk.


Sarah said...

What 'natural consequences' does he face in this situation? So he fails in school...big deal, as long as he has a bed, a couch, video games, free room and board. His only annoyance is you nagging him once in a while.

Give him a choice: attend school, every single day, on time, or leave. Then be prepared to start the eviction process.

He has zero incentive to anything at all as things stand. He's not a 'kid', he's an adult...he's making adult choices, he needs to face adult consequences.

Lisa said...

So, can you just give him an ultimatum and say, "Either you can follow the house rules which are going to school and/or work, helping out with chores, etc. or I will relocate you to the nearest adult shelter - your choice"?? Would he just refuse to choose or would he choose to follow your rules and then not do it? It must be so frustrating. I just can't stand it when I'm racing around, cooking, cleaning, PARENTING, and I'm falling over lazy kids laying around with their game boys or watching tv - it makes me want to scream - and they're just kids, younger than your couch potato!!

cloudmaster said...

Patience. Sometimes it hurts younger people to get up at the crack of noon.

Jennie said...

i'd choose a bill and tack it to his door frame. (a photocopy of course, he'll tear up the real one) with a big red ink circle around the total and the due date. then write on it "no school? then help pay bills. You get this one."


ok. maybe not. the rest of you need water, heat, electricity...

but maybe I made you laught at least?