Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Just 30 Minutes

Have you ever had a work project that nagged at the back of your head for several weeks that you thought was going to require hours to complete it? Next time you do, get up early in the morning and tackle it right away before your kids get up. It might not take that long.

I did that this morning with something and it only took 30 minutes. It feels great to have that off my mind finally and I'm finished by 6 a.m.

John went to school finally at 1:30 yesterday afternoon and never came home. He kind of does this merry-go-round thing where he stays home and goes NOWHERE for several days and then gets crabby because of his siblings and his overbearing mother who accepts no responsibility for all of the problems that she creates in the household (when she corrects her children's behavior). So then he takes off and does nothing that he is supposed to do for several days and then starts over again. But this pattern isn't going to get him anywhere. Fortunately for him, I have learned to keep my mouth shut as much as I have and let the chips fall as they may. I'm not the one who is going to end up with the worst of the consequences.

There has been a little conflict with Salinda in her situation the past day or so, details that I won't blog, but I am very much the recipient of phone calls hearing people's sides of the story. We are also caught in an insurance situation which may force her to make a final decision about where she will spent her final year as a child (she just turned 17) Declaring their house her permanent place of residence has many repercussions. I am concerned that she feels she really isn't free to make the decision. Unfortunately she has to make it quickly as well and she is still pretty tired and not in a position to make a good one. If she even is allowed to make it (we of course, give her freedom to make her own choices).

So all that drama yesterday between John and Salinda was fairly exhausting. Dominyk has been having horrible rages in the evenings lately and I'm not sure why all the sudden they are getting so bad. Almost every night he is having meltdowns where he is attempting to break things in the midst of his screaming, yelling and threatening. It's an exhausting 30-45 minutes.

Bart leaves today so I'll be flying solo until Thursday afternoon. He's heading to Duluth, where it is warmer than it is here. And that's just not right.

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