Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Five Minutes

... before I have to wake up the kids this morning. Today I am going to begin supervising interns at my job so I will be going straight to the office this morning. I'm excited about helping them learn things and even more excited to have someone to delegate to!

Our visit yesterday with Salinda was nice. She is stressed out and upset because she is having trouble controlling things and her boyfriend isn't living up to her or his own mother's expectations, but she is hanging in there. Gabby is growing -- her hair is getting curly, her skin is getting more tan and she is simply beautiful. She remains a very good baby, seldom bothered by the things around her, waking only 2 or three times in teh night to eat, and resting peacefully almost all the time. Her routine is simple. She sleeps for about three hours, immediately wants to eat, burb, pee or poop, be changed, and go back to sleep. The eat, burb, pee/poop/changing thing takes less than 1/2 hour and then it's time for another 3 hour nap. They plan to come down this coming weekend and I'm excited to have some of my friends meet her and to have more time with her, and hopefully Salinda.

John came by with the same girl yesterday. Apparently the non-girlfriend and he were hanging all over each other as they hung out here, a flat tire in her car preventing her from leaving until her mother came to pick both of them up. They live in a town 20 minutes from here, so I am guessing he considers himself to have dropped out of school. She doesn't look 18, but hopefully she is. He'll stay until he can't chmooze them into letting him live with them without contributing anything any longer -- he's very charming with middle aged women, especially if they are single and no men are involved -- and then he'll be back here, assuming he can move right back in without any conversation. Or maybe she'll break up with him. Or maybe he'll get arrested. Or maybe he'll be back tonight with all his stuff wondering why I thought he was moving out. Predictable unpredictability.

Off to wake up the children.....

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