Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plans... Who Needs Them?

Because the baby is hardly ever here -- and because she didn't get here until after 3, we changed our mind about going to the gag gift party and stayed home. Since MIke and Kari hadn't seen her yet, we invited them up and hey -- why not stay for dinner again? They did the MInnesota "You guys really don't HAVE to invite us all the time" thing, but they ended up eating with us anyway. Anna was on a new med, so it was much more pleasant -- sometimes it's nice to have a do-over.

Kari had run to the store to get Best of the 70s Karaoke since we had finished the 4 80s CDs, and we had another rousing night of Karaoke, although I was holding a baby and it wasn't quite as overwhelming with Anna being so calm... but Mike and Bart are never sexier than when they are singing songs to Kari and I like "Brick House" or "Bennie and the Jets". Some of the words to those songs -- have you LISTENED to them? Karaoke proves I was way more involved in culture than I even knew -- I just sang along, not knowing most of the words.

Today I am heading out of town and never did get my haircut, which Bart says will keep the guys from hitting on me -- like, yeah, right, that is the ONLY thing -- my need of a haircut. I was perfectly fine with this whole bus trip until he has given me 143 reasons to be anxious about it. Gotta love being married to a guy whose glass is half full .... or poison! ;-)

Hopefully I"ll have time to blog more thoroughly later...

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