Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slinky has Slunk back around to Stage One

All the sudden he's repentant -- kinda. Cuz he got desperate. C***** needed a ride somewhere. So he comes clean on everything. He stole. He lied. Started telling me everything I already knew while I was at the coffee shop and he was talking to me on the phone. I let him have it and probably entertained the entire establishment. So if you hear rumors, it might be true.

So he's desperate and begging for a fresh start. Like #1,736 of his young life. Which of course, I will give him but knowing that based on history it will last only until he has what he wants and something better comes along. But you know what I think?

I think one of these times maybe, just maybe, it's going to work. You know what I'm saying? Maybe one of these times something will stick. Most rebellious teenagers have a moment when they turn around right?

Maybe if we can hang on long enough, he'll get there. And at least now that things are out in the open he won't be as slinky for a while.

ONe of these times he just has to get it, you know?


HollyMag said...

I hope and pray he does! And I pray that God continues to give you both wisdom to know how to handle the challenges and the grace you need to follow His directions.

Jennie said...

i'm clinging to the prayer I wrote in my blog last week, a modification of what is taught in the "facing the giants" movie. I'll repeat it for you so you can pray the same for Slinky.

Dear God, please help Slinky see the need for change. Help him face his giants. Give us the strength to praise you if changes and praise you if he doesn't. Nothing is impossible with you, God. Not even RADs.

I'm going to pray this for Sissy until I stop breathing or she changes!