Monday, January 18, 2010

Still Recovering

Yesterday I had a couple hours that were just an emotional frenzy of drama that lasted a long time. For two or three hours I was involved in one thing or another. First it was an argument with John, long and senseless as they always are. I will blog more about my attachment issues in another post -- but I inherited them from my kids....

Then there was a long extended culmination of an argument with Sadie that had lasted since Thursday (and still isn't really over), including Salinda's intervention as she tries to "help" Sadie get along with me. This was after she had asked me to not put her in the middle and I told her I would stop talking to her about Sadie. An hour later she was initiating a conversation to interfere in things in a big way. I had to ride it out. It resulted in a temporary reprieve for Sadie and I, but it's not over by any means.

There was a fist fight between Tony and Dominyk that I got in the middle of...Fortunately none of us were hurt.

And then we got a call from one of the kid's birth grandparents who was very upset about his sibling who is now in foster care. A very troubling call as she was sobbing and asking me what to do. It's a very long story and I really couldn't help her much. One of the key lines, I told her "do just have to do what you can and then trust the system." She said, sobbing, "I do not trust the system." It was a very difficult situation and of course, resulted in her suggesting we might be the best family for her grandchild. I could not give her an answer. But if this child is like her sibling only having spent 12 years with the birthmom .... I am really not sure we could handle her... or that anyone can.

So I'm still recovering from all that -- an intense few hours -- and I"m just now finishing this blog entry the following afternoon. Lots of multitasking. But there you have it. Finally.

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