Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stopping By to Tell A Lie or Two

John arrived yesterday in someone else's car with a hot blonde driving it. He came in and immediately started to lie to me. His slippery manipulative ways. This is when we haven't seen him since Wednesday and we have $ missing and he caused the big texting drama on Friday night.

So he walks in and says, "So what's this thing about all the texting?" I said, " "please don't even start with the lies." He said, "I was in (a neighboring town) with my girlfriend. I said, "You may want to do a better job of teaching your friends to lie for you -- or at least tell me the same lies your telling me." He said, "I don't have time to argue right now." I mentioned the missing money, and he told me yet another lie.

He went downstairs, packed a few more clothes, and came back up with this girl in his arm to introduce me. I said, "I thought your girlfriends name was A***. He said, "no, she's just a friend to and so is this girl." I said, "Ok, whatever." He said he would talk to me sometime.

I almost said, "Yup, as soon as everyone gets tired of paying your bills." But I held my tongue. One of the worst parts of these adults coming in and out is their unpredictable predictability or their predictable unpredictability.

Bart and I were supposed to head up to see the baby today, but now Bart has another commitment and I'm going alone. It will be fun to see her, but it's always a drama filled adventure.

But first, off to church and to Sunday School -- I'm resuming teaching my adult class today and I"m looking forward to it.

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Jennie said...

ugh! i wouldn't even know what to do! I'd probably get so pissed off I'd pack all of his stuff and throw it to the curb!