Monday, January 25, 2010

Yesterday -- Slow, and Easy... until the End

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day around here. After lunch people were fairly calm until youth group which was movie night and lasted until 8. Dominyk went to the YMCA before youth group and for some reason everyone was fairly occupied....until bedtime. Of course, then Tony had to suddenly remember that he needed dressclothes for today which began loud incessant argumentation..... sigh.

But we made it to sleep and we are up again today -- well, at least a few of us. Others soon.

Today THE BOSS (the new one from our agency) is coming to visit. This is the first time in my life that I have had a much younger supervisor and it really is a little odd to have someone who could be my daughter telling me what to do. She's not yet thirty, and sometimes I feel like saying, now why don't you just go get your driver's license, or perhaps, change your DIAPER before you tell me what to do. Fortunately she is very good natured and would just laugh and I like her a ton, but it's still a little odd to look up to someone who is so much younger for direction.

It makes me wonder what all my previous supervisees thought back in the day when I was a hall director at 21. One of my custodians in my building was pushing retirement age. He was probably old enough to be my grandfather and yet here I was telling him what to do. Or when I was a college administrator at 24.... yikes. And the funny thing was, back then I really thought I knew a lot more than I do now.

So even though I will not spend a great deal of time a the computer this morning, I'm looking forward to spending the day with the boss. She is going to get to come over to Brian and Jills with me -- friends in town who have more kids than we do -- so that should be an adventure. Bart has a board meeting in the Cities tonight, so we are even going to be brave enough to have her over to dinner with the kids and I (mostly the kids) fixing beans and rice. Hope she survives that experience.

Should be interesting....

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GZimmy said...

Claudia, you have a big advantage in that you were in the same kind of position when you were that age. So you can keep in mind your own feelings and thoughts from back then when you deal with her, and can empathize. You may be able to make both her job and your job easier and more effective, and you may develop a good friend for life. (Well, we can always hope.)