Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Breathing but not Sleeping

Whatever they gave me yesterday has helped me breathe. I'm heading back in to the doctor in 15 minutes.

But wow, it isn't helping me sleep. Weird strange dreams bordering on hallucinations. My body was very cold but sweating profusely. I was obsessing and obsessing about Salinda's situation. Some things about it are just not adding up. I'm going to try to buy some time to get to the bottom of it.

I am at that stage where my mind is fairly clear in knowing exactly what needs to be done but my body is too tired to do much of it. And since I'm not sleeping it doesn't help.

However, a couple things have proven true every day that I've been sick. I have a Faithful God, an amazing husband, and wonderful friends.

And my kids are all alive and so am I. And so is my granddaughter.

And some days, that's enough.


GZimmy said...

I think quite a few of us are experiencing something similar, Claudia. We don't have any pneumonia here at the shop...yet! But four of the five of us have suddenly come down with colds in the last day. The OTC meds I'm on for it are helping me breathe, too, but keeping me from sleeping well. We're all walking around here like zombies. I think our bodies are being invaded by aliens!

Rose Adoption Journey said...

Here too....3 of the 4 of us are sick with BAD crud and one in the hospital for med changes. ALIENS!!