Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Night (typed by Claudia)

This afternoon from 3-6:30 was the toughest part of my stay. I developed a sudden fever and had the chills to the point that I felt I wasn't going to make it. I was stiff as a board with the tension of being so cold. They mentioned that my lungs were compromised and that I might be developing pneumonia. however, by about 6:30 my fever had broken and I was hotter than I could handle and felt better.

My blood pressure keeps going up -- and they aren't sure why.

I'd really like to go home tomorrow.


nancy said...

You take care. Praying for your patience as a patient. I'm sure it's not easy to be there, but needed until they can figure this out.

DynamicDuo said...

Hang in there Claudia - You are in so many prayers and thoughts, even though sitting in the hospital can be very lonely. I don't suppose words from a stranger help right now, but know deep within that you are not alone, you are a child of God.

kidsaregreat said...

Praying for you!!!

Teresa said...

I've read you and your husband's blog for a good few years. It has helped me accept my adopted son's abilities and disabilities. My prayers are with you.
PS This is hospital humor, but be grateful you can pee. Every time I have an abdominal operation (3 so far and I'm not yet 41), I can't pee for days afterwards. It's not so fun to re-catheterized several times. :) Apparently my bladder remains anesthetized long after the rest of me is awake....