Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Guess Kari's right...

She says I'll do anything for blog hits.

640 today already... double morning.

Addicted to my drama are ya? ;-)


Jennie said...

yes, we are! are you feeling the love from all those prayers?

Susan said...

Blog hits and flowers of course! I ma praying for you! Be strong.

Yondalla said...

You know, I've been so tied up in my own stuff that I haven't been reading blogs. I'm sorry that you had to have emergency surgery to get me back here!

I am glad you are recovering.

momma-o-minnie said...

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Chrones - after years of diareah and abdominal pain. In the first 9 months I was hospitalized twice for several weeks, and the rest of the time I was just plain miserable. A side effect of chemo is anemia - always fun in a household of 7 kids. When I failed to respond to treatment, the docs decided it was time to get aggressive and started me on chemo.
Chemo kills your white cells, anemia is a shortage of red... I within weeks I was so miserable that I could hardly walk. I still assume I must have had cold water flowing through my veins.
OK, OK, OK... I know this is long, but stick with me.
I did chemo for nine months, miserable and trying to manage a house full of OCD, PTSD, ADD/ADHD,RAD, and personalities disorders such as bipolar,etc. My house was a wreck, and my husband of 20+ years had to learn to cook. A couple of more hospitalizations, and I finally started refusing treatment (I'm not telling you to do that.)
Here's the point: I was in bed much of 18 months, and during that I learned an important lesson... when God forces you to take time off, do it and enjoy the time you have to just marvel in His power.
You are stuck in the hospital right now, IVs, Warfarine and nurses waking you, poking you, driving you nuts.... but God didn't allow your untimely death - he allowed you some time off (much needed time off, as I can see.) Try not to let your home and your kids, interrupt your time to heal and grow as a Christian. God provided this for you (as crazy as that can sound) - God allowed you to have a blood clot to slow down.
Try and enjoy it.

GB's Mom said...

There MUST be easier ways to get hits!

Linda up north said...

GOOD GRIEF! My computer crashed and I have been mostly off line for days and I check on you to find this??!!
I am pausing in my reading about your emergency to say I am praying and will be. Praise God for His mercies upon you!